Education & Instructional design

Education should be engaging, risk-taking, and creative. Our 20+ years of experience working with project management and training & development in organizations are now focused on one thing - bringing innovation in education.

We design courses that empower educators to build teams, inspire, and become change agents in engaging, creative and risk-taking education.

We work with all the components  of hellix of knowledge: education, research and business, and streamline practical workshops for educators and trainers, both open and in-house. We connect the dots to make the best of two worlds - research and business, be it organizing events for Oslo Edtech Cluster, or writing popular science articles for the University of Bergen, we make the silos meet, greet, and start working together. 

european cooperation projects - erasmus+/EEA grants

Working for a better educational frame is a collective task. That is why we cooperate with educational institutions, private companies and national authorities across Europe in projects we believe in. See our clients , and examples of projects we are involved in.

Masterclass for educators – in CoopEration with Kaospilot Learning design agency

The Art & Crafts of Facilitating Learning Spaces

A three day workshop for educators developed by Kaospilot Learning Design Agency, where we explore experiential ways of learning, and change educators` role from delivering information to inspiring, facilitating, and designing for creativity, innovation and risk in education.  The workshop can also be run as a 2-day in-house workshop. This workshop is given in Norwegian. For more info, contact

Software Development for EdTech

We have vast experience in (UX) user experience and software design & development. Our core competence lies in  building highly interactive web solutions integrated with Google G-Suite (or any other Google API).

We facilitate bespoke development and through our partner in Romania we have additional capacity to manage larger projects.

An example of a tool we have developed is teamlearn, a project based learning tool that is fully integated with GSuite.